Onboarding automation for
remote teams

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Pringa helps your new hires succeed, by enabling high engagement onboardings right in Slack.

The Problem

Remotely onboarding new hires is challenging and difficult

Your new colleagues do not feel engaged with your team in the remote setting

Outcome: You struggle to retain your best hires

The Dream

Simple, highly collaborative remote onboarding

Highly engaged new hires all set for success

Outcome: Retain your best hires


Onboarding best practices built-in

#️⃣ Onboarding channel

Pringa starts a Slack channel for onboarding the new hire and adds all stakeholders to the channel.

The onboarding plan and the resources are posted and pinned to the channel.

Onboarding channel

💡 Onboarding buddy

1:1s with the mentor is critical for the new hire's success and Pringa makes sure that they do happen.

Onboarding buddy

💭 Improve onboarding
through feedbacks

Collect actionable feedback from your new hires with a single click


Pringa facilitates intros between your newest engineer and your rockstar Sales rep.

Managers will never miss a 1:1 with their new hires.

Make it easy for your new hire to discover and join their interest groups, be it #football-gang or #bookworms

"Every new employee needs an onboarding buddy"

"Organizations with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82% and productivity by over 70%"

Connections, onboarding, and the need to belong

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